High Pressure Jet Wash

High Pressure Jet Wash

Need to give your condo lobby area, factory floor shop or house car porch a good scrub down after years of use and accumulation of dirt and grime? No amount of scrubbing with a brush or garden hose is going to help. What you need is a professional cleaning service known as High Pressure Jet Wash.

High Pressure Jet Washing removes stubborn dirt by using high water flow rates under high pressure. It is the ideal solution for commercial, industrial and residential floor exterior cleaning, carried out quarterly, half yearly or annually, depending on the surface condition.

High Dusting

High Dusting refers to the cleaning of hard-to-reach spots such as high ceilings, air vents and pipes that are usually more than 16 feet high. These hard-to-reach spots are a haven for dust, dirt and bacteria. Instead of neglecting these spots, hire a professional cleaning company to get rid of dust, dirt and bacteria that has accumulated in hard to reach places of your office building or home over the years.

Complete Services has carried out many High Dusting jobs for offices, commercial buildings and residences where we undertake detailed cleaning of air con vents, pipes, fans and ceiling surfaces. It is a meticulous process but as a professional cleaning company we have the workforce and know-how to carry out the job efficiently and effectively.

Floor Scrubbing and Waxing

Most floors are cleaned using a damp mop or broom but with hard floor surfaces such as vinyl, terrazzo and concrete flooring you ought to consider professional cleaning services. These floors show dirt, dust and scratches easily so they require regular professional scrubbing, stripping and waxing for proper maintenance.

As a professional cleaning company providing a comprehensive array of services, Complete Services specialises in professional floor cleaning. We use portable auto scrubbers to scrub and remove the old wax. Once the old wax and dirt is removed, we apply coats of wax or polish to re-wax the floors.

Floor Scrubbing and Waxing can be a tedious job but as a professional cleaning company we know what equipment, method and products to use so your floors are thoroughly cleaned and well maintained. We remove any furniture out of the way so that the floor is available to our floor cleaning specialists to do the job right, and once the floor is completely dried, we recommend buffing the floor again with an auto scrubber using special pads. This process helps to seal the wax or polish into the floor so that the new coat will last longer.

Marble Floor Polishing

Does your office or home marble flooring need an uplift? Marble Floor Polishing helps bring your marble floor back to life and spruce up your office or home environment.

Enlist our services today to take care of your Marble Floor Polishing needs. Because marble floors tend to be very porous, we first use a pH neutral cleanser to neutralize any acidic and alkaline deposits found on the surface before moving on to a deep cleaning method. Here we buff the floor using special cleaning equipment where the high-speed releases heat which activates the polishing powder, resulting in the final floor shine. Our experienced Marble Floor Polishing experts will then do a spot check for any final touch ups, and do another final round of cleaning with a pH neutral cleanser to get rid of any remaining polishing powder.