Event Cleaning Services

Event Cleaning

Organizing a roadshow, corporate company event or private milestone celebration such as a wedding or birthday party?

Hiring a professional cleaning company removes the hassle of cleaning up before, during and after the event so that you can focus on the more important things. When you have a clean and spotless venue it also enhances the guest experience. Afterall, nobody wants to be at an event venue with overflowing rubbish, smelly toilets or at worst, slippery floors that can pose a safety hazard.

Why hire us for event cleaning services? Because we have the people resources to quickly and effectively deploy our trained and experienced cleaning crew to take care of your every event cleaning need. We provide cleaning services pre-event, during the event where our cleaning crew will clear all scattered litter, overflowing rubbish bins, mop up wet, slippery floors and clean dirty bathrooms, without delay. Post event, we see to it that all areas are properly and effectively cleaned so that you can reinstate the venue back to its original cleanliness condition.

We are experts in professional event cleaning, providing prompt, precise and on point cleaning services for all occasions.

Services we provide include but are not limited to:

  • Spot cleaning, proper cleaning and dusting of surface areas
  • Flooring cleaning and maintaining all floors so that they are debris free
  • Cleaning and maintenance of washrooms before and while event is ongoing
  • Setting up disposal points and clearing of all litter and rubbish during and after event
  • Specialized cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, vacuuming and floor scrubbing to remove tough stains